Become a skilled and fully certified personal trainer in just 12 weeks with our L3 diploma

Turn your passion into a profession with our Level 3 diploma in Personal Training. Enquire today!  

Personalised support

Unlike other courses, we'll support you through the course with high levels of personal contact and accountability via our online check in calls, weekly lectures and live Q and A's, giving you a truly personalised learning experience. 

World class online learning

Our online portal is a combination of high level written notes and video lectures to help you through the course, as well as our unique mentoring program to help you to develop the real world skills to be an exceptional personal trainer. 

In person workshops

Our unique hybrid course offers not only exceptional online learning and support, but also includes our in person workshops, developing your coaches eye and coaching skills, meaning your delivering high level coaching from the start. 

How FX Fitness Education can Help You

If you're genuinely passionate about health and fitness, a career in personal training can provide a HUGE range of opportunities for you, from working 1-1 part time in a gym, to running your own facility, or even working completely online helping people to change their lives for the better every single time you step into the office.. or gym... or anywhere.

A career in fitness is not only enjoyable, but it also gives the opportunity to break the 9-5 mould, and work flexible hours that suit you, as well as having a huge additional earning potential, whether that's part time or all in as your new full time role. 

Your first step is to simply complete the form, and we'll send you the prospectus and be in touch to book a call to discuss how our diploma can be a life changing step for you. 

What our graduates are saying about Fx fItness Education Centre

“Automated online only courses never worked for me, but the personal tutoring from Josh really helped, and in in person teaching days were crucial for me. If you're thinking of doing a PT course, do it with FX “


"I wanted to do this course for me, to help me to better understand my own health and fitness journey, and to help those around me! Jamie and Josh were fantastic throughout the course, and not only have I now got the qualification, its also been fun!"


"I balanced the course alongside my full time training as a professional boxer. I've really enjoyed the course, particularly the practical days. f you're sat on the fence about whether it's right for you, my advice is to just get started with the diploma from FX. "


“After working with FX as a client for a number of years, I knew that the only place to complete the L3 diploma would be here. Since completing the course, I have already set up my own successful studio and started working with my first clients"


Our Course and workshops 

During the course, you'll complete the following 6 compulsory modules in addition to your practical assessment:

Module 1: Functional anatomy in personal training

Module 2: Nutrition for health, fitness and performance 

Module 3: Fitness in business 

Module 4: Programming and delivery of personal training 

Module 5: Principles and fundamentals of personal training 

Module 6: Case Study 

You'll also gain access to our unique workshops:

Workshop 1: Weight loss and body composition management (online or in person) 

Workshop 2: Fundamentals of resistance training for strength, physique and performance  

Workshop 3: Cardio and conditioning for health, performance and weight management

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